“At home” – transform your coliving space through art.

Each coliving space has its own personality. That’s why your colivers will approach you based on what you convey in everything you do, from the design of the spaces to the projects that have an impact on the environment to the partnerships you build.

Coliving spaces are vibrant homes where lots of interesting things happen. From discovering the local environment to learning from the community who live with you. From creating projects in your environment to helping other people with interesting projects with your ideas.
Also, it is an inspirational space, where you can give free rein to your own imagination. This is what we had in mind when we developped AtHome.
At home starts from the idea of becoming a coliving space in cultural center. We believe that the rooms can become pieces of art that inspire those who live in them. Places that will be a call for your imagination thanks to the creativity of the artists and designers who painted its walls.

Let us tell you a little bit more about how it all came about.

“At home” – a rural project designed for artists

In 2020, during COVID crisis, we colived in Anceu coliving and new ideas came out. We decided to make an open call to artists and designers so that they could freely create one of the rooms of this coliving. The aim was for artists to express what they thought about Anceu in their own way.

The first artistic and decorative intervention came from our colleague María from Dr. Livinghome. Here you can see the before and after of one of the rooms she designed.

This was the starting signal for At home project. From this point on, Maria became the official designer of this coliving space. The various artists who joined the project worked with her for their final creations.

Discover some artists who joined to this artistic movement

Thanks to At Home, we met artists like Maow Design. Recovering old furniture and giving it a new life is her philosophy to create a sustainable interior design, take advantage of resources and reduce waste. In AT Home she created «Upcycling the past » a room where she has transformed existing pieces using natural materials and recovered objects.

We also developed the European project Travelling Performance, a remote exchange between Haya Blanco and Zorina Don from Moldova. Together, they developed online creative sessions of the concept they wanted to show. They decided to show the negative impact on the environment of fashion and design production.

Firstly, Haya did her painting intervention in the wall of Anceu Coliving but also in a piece of cloth Then, the piece of art was sent to Moldova. There, Zorina created the fashion collection including Haya’s inspiration.

Also we discovered Elara Elvira. She is interested in studying the interactions of human beings with Nature. With a focus on ethnobotany and folklore, she carries out projects that question our relationship with the plant world from a feminist and environmentalist perspective.

She studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. In 2011 she was selected for the “Culturia” residency in Berlin. In 2013 she moved to Nantes to be an artist in residence at the “Maison Quartier Madeleine”. In 2018 she founded FURRR Studio in Barcelona, a self managed workshop where she carried out collaborative projects with other artists

In her mural, you can find the interpretation of several Galician plants.

The future of At Home: our new project in Tertulia Farm

The future of At Home is to evolve towards other places around the world and create an artistic movement through coliving spaces. We want the coliving spaces to become homes that generate culture and inspiration.

Our colleague María from Dr. Livinghome is leaving in February to carry out a workshop at Tertulia Farm in Italy. The aim is to give free rein to her imagination to develop a new creative experience that will give this space its own personality.

We will keep you updated.